The New Read Aloud: Fostering Learning to Support Every Reader (K-2)

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1. Affirm the role of read alouds in the Science of Reading. Increase understanding of the importance of read alouds in promoting literacy and comprehension in students.

2. Demonstrate how to read aloud across all content areas. Get equipped with practical strategies and tools for incorporating read alouds into your teaching across all content areas.

3. Empower teachers to use the Evaluate-Explain-Engage & Extend planning process. Learn ways to effectively plan and execute read aloud sessions to engage students and promote deeper understanding of content.



Join Molly Ness, a fierce advocate for literacy access, equity, and research-based practices. Molly will highlight the importance of read alouds and provide practical ways that you can intentionally plan your read alouds, to maximize vocabulary instruction, build comprehension, extend literacy engagement, and foster socio economic support among your students.

A robust body of research demonstrates that read alouds can significantly impact literacy development, especially when used in content-area instruction. Molly will use Scarborough’s Rope, and other studies, including her own, as the foundation for her discussion. By incorporating read alouds into your teaching practice, you can help your students build vocabulary, deepen their understanding of complex concepts, and develop their reading comprehension skills.

But it's not enough to simply read a book out loud to your students. To be effective, read alouds need to be planned intentionally and delivered in a way that engages students and promotes active learning. That's where Molly comes in. She uses these research-based practices to guide you through a planning process that will help you select appropriate texts, plan effective read aloud sessions, and assess student learning outcomes.

In this course, you will learn practical tips and strategies for using read alouds to support the Science of Reading in your classroom. You'll discover how to create a learning environment where your students feel seen, heard, and valued, and where they are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive space.

You will be provided free downloadable course material that will take your learning experience to the next level. You’ll be able to effortlessly plan engaging and interactive lessons that will captivate your students' attention, and you can use these ideas within your classroom the very next day!

By the end of this course, you'll be amazed at the results you can achieve with read alouds. You'll have a deeper understanding of the Science of Reading, and you'll be able to apply that knowledge to your teaching practice in a way that helps your students thrive. So join Molly on this exciting and informative journey, and discover the power of read alouds in the context of the Science of Reading!

Multilingual Learners / ELLLeadership DevelopmentLiteracyMathematicsSocial EmotionalSocial StudiesSTEAMSpecial Education
Audience: Teacher, Administrator, Librarian
Grade Level: K, 1, 2
Credits Available: NY CTLE, CEU
Instructional hours: 2
CEU: .2

About the instructor, Molly Ness

Molly Ness is a former classroom teacher, a reading researcher, and a teacher educator. She earned a doctorate in reading education and spent 16 years as an associate professor at Fordham University. The author of five books and numerous articles, Molly serves on the Board of Directors for the International Literacy Association. She is the founder of the Coalition for Literacy Equity and the creator of the End Book Deserts podcast. In 2022, Dr. Ness joined Learning Ally as the Vice President of Academic Content. She serves on the advisory board for The Reading League New York.

Book Recommendations

Read Alouds for All Learners: A Comprehensive Plan for Every Subject, Every Day, Grades PreK–8

In Read Alouds for All Learners: A Comprehensive Plan for Every Subject, Every Day, Grades PreK–8, Molly Ness, supported by current research and personal experiences, demonstrates the sobering effect an absence of read alouds in classrooms has on PreK–8 students’ comprehension skills. She provides intentional directions on planning and implementing a read-aloud routine that supports young learners’ literacy development, content-area knowledge, social-emotional learning, and academic achievement.

This book will help you:

  • Understand the role of read alouds in the science of reading;
  • Develop understanding of the three-step planning process for a read aloud;
  • See current read-aloud research and trends among elementary, middle, and high school teachers;
  • Gain tips targeted for each age group’s social-emotional learning and cognition;
  • Capture the importance of read alouds in all content areas; and
  • Create a read-aloud plan for social studies, the sciences, mathematics, physical education, the arts, and electives with hands-on tools.

By Molly Ness
Format Softcover
Product No. 9781958590034
$35.95 $32.36 Save 10%

Think Big with Think Alouds: A Three-Step Planning Process That Develops Strategic Readers

I’m guessing that those two are planning a surprise. . . . The author keeps mentioning the storm because she wants us to think that the character’s upset. . . . Wait—yikes, I gotta go back and reread because I’m not getting this part. . . .

These are the flickering thoughts of a strategic reader. If only we could bottle all these mental moves and pour them into the minds of our students, then readers’ achievement would grow exponentially. In Think Big With Think Alouds, Molly Ness delivers a process that comes close to bottling that magic.

Molly spent a year researching teachers’ think alouds, and she uses these findings to help you know just what to do. The big time-saver? You focus on just these five strategies: asking questions, making inferences, synthesizing, understanding the author’s purpose, and monitoring and clarifying. Select the one or two strategies that align to your text and get ready with a stack of sticky notes! Grab a pencil, and you are on your way to dynamic lessons using Molly’s three-step planning process:

Read Once: Go wild, putting a flurry of sticky notes on spots that strike you

Read Twice: Whittle your notes down to the juiciest stopping points 

Read Three Times: Jot down what you will say so there’s no need to wing it in front of the kids 

Other practical tools include:

  • More than 20 ready-made think aloud scripts for favorite texts by Sandra Cisneros, Seymour Simon, Shel Silverstein, and many others, to use for think alouds for fiction, informational text, and poetry;
  • Fun small group and partner activities to gradually transfer comprehension strategies to your students; and
  • Downloads on the companion website, including spinner and dice templates, planning forms, and think aloud scripts. 

By Molly Ness
Format Softcover
Product No. 9781506364964
$39.95 $35.96 Save 10%

Every Minute Matters: 40+ Activities for Literacy-Rich Classroom Transitions, Grades K-5

Make the most of every instructional minute with engaging literacy activities

Time—or lack thereof—may be the most precious commodity in the classroom. From covering all the necessary curriculum and imparting life skills to attending meetings and answering emails, educators are faced with real challenges when there never seems to be enough time to do it all. Although teachers don’t have the power to create more minutes in the school day, they do have the power to be effective and efficient with the time given.

Molly Ness asks teachers first to examine their use of time in the classroom in order to make more space for literacy. She then introduces 40 innovative activities designed to replace seatwork. These literacy-rich alternatives for classroom transitions are presented alongside

  • Research on instructional time in K–5 classrooms;
  • Strategies for how to maximize every minute of instruction;
  • Suggestions for improving efficiency to expand independent reading and writing time; and
  • Reflective practices to help teachers examine how they use the time they have.

The instructional day is ripe for redesign with a thoughtful and authentic time audit. Every Minute Matters guides educators through that process by outlining literacy-rich activities to optimize transitional times and minimize lost instructional minutes.

By Molly Ness
Format Softcover
Product No. 9781544382449
$30.95 $27.86 Save 10%