Every Student Plays A Part: Digital Storytelling is the New Writing (5-8)

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1. Explore the main components of digital storytelling. Learn the mechanics of how these components work together to create a dynamic form of communication.

2. Delve into the factors that shape the emergence of digital literacy. Detect its relationship to traditional text-based literacy.

3. Acquire skills while learning the significance of practicing digital literacy to students’ future success in the world, post-secondary education. Examine the educational depth that the digital storytelling process delivers, in terms of curricular content, 21st Century Skills, ISTE, and Common Core standards.



Have you ever wondered if we are truly preparing our students to be the digital wizards of tomorrow? Fear not, my friend! There's a solution, and it comes in the form of Brett's ultimate teaching method, that enables our students to re-invent their curricula by using the magic of digital storytelling.

Think about the benefits of allowing your students to learn and grow through the creation of a thrilling mystery, a captivating radio drama, or a personal vlog. This process is organically engaging and deeply educational. With concrete examples and hands-on experience, you too can revolutionize your curriculum with this thrilling and innovative approach.

Join Brett in this amazing journey and see for yourself how digital storytelling can change the way you teach. Are you ready to take your teaching and your students’ learning to the next level? Let's go!

This course comes equipped with valuable downloadable course material that includes resources, useful digital literacy tools, prompts, and ideas to use within your classroom the very next day!

Instructional TechnologyLiteracySocial StudiesSTEAMSpecial Education
Audience: Teacher, Administrator, Librarian
Grade Level: 5, 6, 7, 8
Credits Available: NY CTLE, CEU
Instructional hours: 1.5
NY CTLE: 1.5
CEU: .15

About the instructor, Brett Pierce

Brett is a teacher, program developer, producer, and author. He is the founder and Executive Director of Meridian Stories, a Digital Storytelling nonprofit for middle and high schoolers that challenges students to create digital narratives around core curricular goals.

Brett had the great fortune to spend most of his professional life at Sesame Workshop in New York City, serving as a Co-Executive Producer on media projects about literacy, math, science, and conflict resolution for youth around the world, including work in Iraq, South Sudan, North Macedonia, and the UAE. He is married with two grown kids.

Book Recommendations

Expanding Literacy: Bringing Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom

Storytelling is humanity’s most universal form of communication. It is also one of the hardest to master effectively. But there are powerful opportunities for students to command this vital form through digital storytelling, which offers new and deeply relevant pathways to communicate effectively and purposefully using text, sound, music, and imagery still and moving. 

How can we make meaningful, thoughtful digital storytelling a standard, best practice in schools? Brett Pierce takes you on a journey into the deeply engaging world of digital story creation, providing a new outlook for why Digital Storytelling is critically important and how to integrate these processes seamlessly in the classroom.

Expanding Literacy offers a specific project-based learning angle that can be meshed with any traditional and non-traditional curricular topic and is flexible enough to be applied to almost any content area. It’s an approach to learning that focuses simultaneously on deep curricular learning and a range of digital and human skills, all within the expansive realm of digital multimodal literacy. 

We all live in a visually driven, technological world. In digital storytelling, the written word is an integral part of this visual world, but its role is re-cast in coordination with the creatively robust properties of sound, music, and imagery. The resulting narrative experience is impactful. Prepare students for most anything that the world may throw at them and teach them how to communicate effectively inside of the digital universe that envelopes them, now and in the future. 

By Brett Pierce
Format Softcover
Product No. 9780325132396