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About Allyse Bader

Allyse, an educator and consultant, has been fortunate enough to live her dream. She has had the privilege of working with various school communities to support literacy practices and make a real difference. After teaching in New York City and receiving her Masters in literacy from Teachers College, Columbia University, she taught kindergarten and first grade in both New York City and Westchester, NY. Allyse then worked as a lead staff developer and consultant for TCRWP for ten years, an amazing opportunity that allowed her to provide high-quality professional development to teachers. In addition to her passion for education, Allyse is a proud mom who keeps busy raising her three girls in Ridgewood, NJ.

Allyse's Superpower
Flexibility! In this ever-changing world, we need to be flexible! Although it can be stressful, Allyse truly tries to remind herself to stay calm and remember no matter how much she plans, something will change. Right now, educators are being asked to do more than ever. Allyse believes we need to be flexible, hear each other, and work together to create real change for our students.

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Courses by Allyse

1. Establish ways to create a safe, inclusive, and productive learning space for all learners. Examine various classroom environments to develop an efficient way for creating a safe learning environment. 2. Acquire practical management skills vs. creating compliant students.&...
Book Recommendations

THE Classroom Management Book, 2nd Edition

THE Classroom Management Book will help you prevent classroom discipline problems and help you create an atmosphere where everyone knows what to do—even when you are not in the classroom!

This is a solutions book that shows how to establish classroom management from the ground up in any classroom at any grade level.  Use this book to organize and structure a classroom that creates a safe and positive environment for student learning and achievement to take place.  It offers 50 classroom procedures that can be applied, changed, adapted, into classroom routines for any classroom management plan at any type of school setting.  

The information is supplemented with 40 QR Codes that take the learning beyond the basic text.

As the companion book to THE First Days of School, it takes one of the three characteristics of an effective teacher, being an extremely good classroom manager, and shows how to put it into practice in the classroom.  It will show you how to manage your classroom step by step.

Our eLearning offering, THE Classroom Management Course, is built around the information found in this book.  Access to the book is required to complete the course.

By Harry K. Wong, et. al
Format Softcover
Product No. 9780976423393
$37.95 $34.16 Save 10%